So good, you can even eat the shells!


A truly unique & authentic southern food!
These whole peanuts are deep-fried so there's no need for peeling or shelling. The taste is truly amazing!

I use only the best variety of peanut, that when fried for the right length of time and at the right temperature, these peanuts are transformed into golden, crispy, crunchy delicacies!. Add my special seasonings and you have a snack that is absolutely delicious. Big Jim's Deep Fried Peanuts are so good, you can eat ‘em shell `n all!

The Deep Fried raw peanuts are deep fried in pure Soybean Oil, one of the healthier and more expensive oils available. Think about it; 'Peanuts fried in Soybean Oil' and some of the shells get so crispy, most people just pop the whole thing into their mouth and eat shell and all! The peanuts are seasoned while they're still hot and sealed in the bags. You can choose from four delicious flavors.

Simply Salted • Cajun • Spicy • Garlic