Generations ago in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, parents would fry thin shelled peanuts, flavor them with different seasonings, and give them to their children at Christmas. This wonderful holiday tradition treat is now available to anyone at anytime, thanks to Big Jim’s Peanuts. These crispy, golden nuggets will surprise you when you first taste them. Once you chomp down on ’em, you’ll be hooked on this savory delight! Enjoy 4 distinct flavors…Simply Salted, Garlic, Cajun and Spicy. You’ll love ’em all and YES, you can even “EAT THE SHELLS!”

We also have the spiciest fried peanut on the planet, if you’re into that. It’s a Southern Fried Peanut, flavored with Chocolate and Peanut Butter, then dusted with Carolina Reaper Spice…WHOA! They’re so special, they come in a can! See what heat lovers are saying about this firecracker.


Boiled Peanuts have been around since the “War of Northern Aggression.” Confederate soldiers got their protein from them and used salt as a preservative. That same product is still available all over the Southern United States and at a few farmers’ markets in Southern California.

The facts on Boiled Peanuts are in and they’re considered to be the healthiest peanut you could possibly eat. Boiled Peanuts are richer in antioxidants than raw or roasted peanuts thanks to the the boiling process. Antioxidants may help prevent cancer, heart disease and other chronic conditions.

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Big Jim’s Peanuts is now making Boiled Peanut Kits, complete with raw peanuts, seasonings and simple instructions to create the very same peanuts sold at roadside stands in the South. If you can boil water, you can boil peanuts!


You rock BIG JIM.  BEST PEANUTS IN THE WORLD.  I’m a peanut connoisseur.
Nancy M

My order arrived today in perfect condition. I’m just now trying your product for the first time. As a 50-year-old male who has been eating boiled and roasted peanuts my whole life, I was a little skeptical about eating the whole shell. I opened a bag of Simply Salted and I can’t put them down. Thank you so much!

Randall G

Your delicious peanuts arrived a few days ago. They are absolutely addictive!

Melinda M


New Study Says Peanuts Are Just as Healthy for Diabetes as Almonds!

“…it’s time to reshape your thinking! It turns out, contrary to popular belief, peanuts have as much heart-healthy, blood-sugar regulating benefits as almonds do

Here’s why: ‘The fat, fiber and protein in peanuts help slow digestion and lessens spikes in blood sugar and insulin—more of these added to the daily diet can help impact [and improve] daily blood glucose control…'”


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